Wednesday, January 27, 2010


With just under 2 weeks before my trip starts, perhaps it's a good time to get this blog rolling... and what better way than to recap what exactly is going on here... so let me break it down:

I am about to go on a 3 month trip around the world. Well sort of- the trip, in cheesecake terms, it has an Asian base, with a tropical Hawaiian Pineapple filling, a fluffy West Coast Whipped Cream topping and a lovely Canadian cherry on top.

Plain English may be more meaningful:

I am planning the trip in 4 zones. [India] [SE Asia] [Hawaii] [West Coast].

Starting with a whopping 5 weeks India, then 4 weeks in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and on to Hong Kong. Then after a one-day stop in Tokyo, back to the west- one week in Hawaii and then a trip up the west coast from LA to Vancouver, stopping in San Fransisco and Seattle. I will leave London on Feb 6.

Why am I doing this? Nothing prolific here- just for the joy of travel! Maybe I'll learn a thing or two about other cultures, take a few pictures, spend a few pounds ($), lose a few pounds (lbs), gain a few friends, learn to mimic a few more foreign accents, and generally live outside my comfort zone!

Bottom line is I love to travel, and right now I have the means and the time. So I go!

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  1. Excellent... Wait for you to elaborate your India plans, so I can clear a few days when you are here. Show you how we do it in India!

    what say?>