Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 Feb_Chillin with Pran

The next few days were really about relaxing and enjoying the home time with the family- We watched some movies; one of them is "Idiocracy" with Luke Wilson- funny look at how the West will dumb down to the point of not speaking English properly and drinking Gatorade instead of water... That's the future? Have you spoken to any school children lately?!

We strolled along Carter Road, and at Jogger's Park, but the highlight was spending some quiet time at home with Pran. I don't know any other 90 year olds, let alone famous Bollywood legends :). I also never knew either of my grandfathers so the whole experience was wonderful on several levels.

It's amazing to see how sharp his mind is. He showed me a brain-teaser and card tricks that really had me stumped. He shared stories from his movie making heydays, how he and his Rat pack of other legends did pub-crawls on movie shoots in Switzerland; pictures of him with his MG and fan mail of such dedication that it brought tears to my eyes.

Pran oozed Suave, there is no doubt. His wife Shukla was a champion card player and for her last birthday, her daughter had a cake made with the 4 Queens on the side, and the Queen of Hearts on the top. They're obviously still in love- it's wonderful to see and I feel so priviledged to have had such a personal snapshot into his life.

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