Thursday, February 18, 2010

ayurveda is in my head-a, and other randoms

This ayurveda thing is a bit strange- there seems to be a particular smell associated with everything ayurvedic and it feels like it's now entered my bloodstream. I mean everything smells of this stuff- soap, shampoo, my clothes...

Wait a second! Part of the treatment includes actually inhaling a powdery substance at 9am; come to think of it that may have a lot to do with why everything smells the same for the rest of the day! mystery solved, live via blog!

So today I saw a man on a public beach squat down and take a dump infront of the world and Jesus himself (no really! There's a giant statue of Jesus in prayer, within viewing distance of the offending act!).

I had a square-on view with perfect lighting in the bright afternoon sun, which made me sad as I never get that lucky in timing, angle and light when I am presented with something I DO want to capture on film :) I then found myself strangely fixed onto the scene just to figure out the logistics- he was strategically placed as a wave came in and he lapped up water (and no doubt sand) onto his posterior region. I can't imagine a more insane visual in this whole trip so far.

A fellow guest put it best when we started talking about swimming at our pristine beach, knowing that there was fecal matter being deposited half a mile away, "When you swim in the sea, keep your mouth shut!". Sound advice, but I'll save swimming for Hawaii thanks!

I have made friends with all the wait staff at the restaurant. They have names like Jaiseenth, Anthony, Abraham and Gobin, Virjin

They show great glee when I sported the local meanswear- I bought a Lunghi from the beach traders (think: freedom of a skirt, looks like shorts). Problem is my tying skills- I have had to re-tie the damn thing at the most inopportune moments, as the folding comes undone to reveal a long skirt, not a flattering look.

Yesterday I was near the hotel entry and had to ask a sentry guard to help me! I told the wait staff 'The police in Kovalam tied my lunghi so it's done right! Don't laugh or I'll have you arrested!'

Today I had the last laugh though, as none of them had ever seen or heard of Bugs Bunny. "Bagbani? BAGBANI? Who is this Bagbani?!" I promised them tomorrow I will show up to dinner with a video of Bugs saying "What's Up Doc!"

It's amazing what else they don't know about the world- one saw my cap from Alaska and didn't know what Alaska was, another had never heard of Las Vegas or what a casino was! and I asked one what he would do if he won the lottery and he said he'd give the money to his father to help pay the loan he took out for his sister's wedding. I had to push him to come up with something for himself before he said, a house, but right here in Kovalam! These people are so innocent it's amazing!

The yoga instructor at this place looks like he could just about bend over backwards and fit into a cereal box. I mean this guy is so flexible, the group cringes when he demos a move in fear he's about to snap his spine and become a pile of flesh on the floor with legs coming out of his face.

I washed clothes by hand in a bucket for the first time ever! I had flashbacks to documentaries of Indian 'Dhobis', slapping their clothes on the stone steps of the Ganges and I tried to emulate that, but not before stirring the clothes with my arm and hand, like a top loading washing machine's rotor... all very pathetic but fun!

more adventures await!

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