Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 Feb_Salaam Bombay!!

This voyage is truly underway! I just landed in Mumbai after a most pleasant flight on the German flag carrier, and spent an easy 8 hours from Munich between catching up on a night of missed sleep (yes, I packed all night like I promised I wouldn't!) and watching Sandra Bullock in "All about Steve", a very dumb film, but a great character acting performance from Ms Bullock.
Random thought- what ever happened to Marissa Tomei?! She was way more talented than Sandra Bullock but hasn't made a film of note for ages.
Anyway I digress! I'm in Mumbai!! I had Coyote (my backpack) wrapped in clear film at Heathrow so it emerged in Mumbai looking like a giant chrysalis waiting for a 8ft butterfly to emerge.
With a great stroke of luck, my seat mate, Herr Reinhold Lauf from Cologne, was also staying at the same hotel and I got a free lift from his shuttle! Nice!! He's taking a morning taxi to Pune to set up a Turbo jet manufacturing plant.
I on the other hand look forward to breakfast and a dip in the pool before heading into the city and exploring!
Glad to see no giant butterfly, but all my possessions intact in my backpack!! Day 1- Success!

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