Thursday, February 4, 2010

I lost my insurance down the back of The Internet

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the ethereal nature of the internet:

Now, I've lost keys before... 21 storeys down a garbage chute to be precise, and with my 'Macgyver-like' resourcefulness and a big stick, I actually recovered them in a garbage bin to the amazement of the apartment facilities manager.

But now I seem to have lost something invisible down the back of something else that is invisible, and this is spinning my mind like a washing machine on its final cycle.

Back in June, I bought a 1 year travel insurance policy after finding what looked like decent company and following a series of 'links on the web' as the kids call them.

Now I can't find any paperwork on said policy as it seems like I deleted the email to which it was attached.

I can't remember the name of the company, the website, the date, the credit card used. Infact the whole thing might have been imagined!

At this point my only hope is checking my credit card statements and piecing the puzzle together. It's all very Altzheimery.

The Internet should come with instructions- 'warning- the Internet is shallow, unforgiving, fleeting and sometimes without trace- transact with caution!'      

UPDATE!: Miraculous luck! I was just sent a renewal notice via email today! "OUL insurance" I would never have remembered the name in a thousand years. And I would have found nothing in June's credit card statements as I had bought it February 2009.
Bad news is that the annual cover doesn't go further than trips of 31 days, so a £37 renewal is useless- I have to get specific cover for this trip. One more thing to sort out on my last day!

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