Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chillin in Chennai part 2

I met some interesting characters last night. A woman, a man, a Facebook romance ...just another tale from India's intriguing fabric.
As luck would have it I was back in the same neighborhood- the beach at Besant Nagar, 2 for 2. And, because of my recluse day yesterday and a day out at Mahalabarapuram today (a World Heritage Site full of temples south of Chennai) this meant the beach at Besant Nagar, the airport, the hotel and a whole lot of traffic in between, were the only things I have seen in Chennai. I'll have to hold final judgement on the city for another trip.
Hey I learned two Indian-English verbs today. "Four Laning"... As in "Construction Work- Four-Laning in progress"... This is a verb to increase the width of a two lane highway into a four lane highway!
The other one is "Timepass". I like this one! This is a verb to mean doing something to pass the time, or a time-wasting activity. You can use it next time you see your coworker texting her boyfriend when she should be working. "Hey stop doing timepass- at least make me some tea if you're bored!"

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