Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 feb_Moving 'home' to Bandra

Today I'm moving to Bandra, to spend the next 5 nights with the Sikand family. I'm here to share a huge family event- a reunion for Sunaina and Arjun's Grandfather's (Dadaji's) 90th birthday, on Friday.

This would be quite an auspicious occasion in itself, but you see Pran is no ordinary grandfather. Pran Sikand is a legend. To just say, 'He was a Bollywood actor' would fail miserably to capture what impact this man's career has had on generations of Indian film lovers around the world. His career has spanned decades and his work has brought audiences to their knees as the archetypal villain from a golden age of Bollywood films.

I will leave you to read his complete biography here:

2 of Pran's grandchildren are my friends, Sunaina and Arjun and they have flown in from Boston and London respectively, as well as a dozen or more family members. This is going to be fun reunion for me too!

My introduction to the week was a lovely lunch at Arjun's aunt's house right at Juju Beach. In addition to amazing food, there were wonderful green parrots flying across the treetops, sea views, sweet smelling flowers and a view of Shilpa Shetty's condo being constructed from the rooftop pool terrace.

Bring on the Bollywood!

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